Mindslips and memories

Maceo                   Change of schedule??

“Darling is temporarily full” (again..?)

I like soul…          I like you juuuuust the way you aaaaare

Savanah Dry… argh, finally!

Ben & Jerry’s                                     Paul Simon

Room 11                Fingerfood     Lalala, lala lala lalala  

Ah, cocktailbar. Mojito?

DJ… Maestro @ tha roof

To be or not to be

Token, token, more tokens                         Buddy

Nighttrain? Mercure!

I’ll still be digging on James Brown

The more the things change…                         Pancakes


Walk into public

Shoes                                                 The more they stay the same


with a capital ‘S’                                            Graceland



Over thisisdominique

Happy freestyler in a conceptual world.
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2 reacties op Mindslips and memories

  1. marlies zegt:

    euh… north sea jaxx impressie???? 😀

  2. Dominique zegt:

    Dat heb je goed geraden 😉

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